Andi Aswan, SE, MBA,

EDUCATIONAL Background :

  • Fakultas Ekonomi Unhas, Accounting Department, Indonesia (Diploma III). 1999, Project Report Salary and Wage Reporting System
  • Fakultas Ekonomi Unhas, Management Department, Indonesia (Sarjana/Bachelor). 2002, Liquidity and Capital Adequacy Ratio
  • Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands (MBA). 2005, Government and Policy and Its impact to Liquidity Management Strategy
  • Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands (DBA). 2016, Determinant of Loan Approval Performance. The Case of Regional Development Bank in Indonesia.

Research Interest :

  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Islamic and Commercial Banking
  • Performance and Financial Issues of Micro and Small Business

Work Experience :

  • A Consultant for National and Local Government
  • A Consultant for Micro and Small Business

Participant In Scientific Activities :

  • Annual Research Conference of Resource Scarcity, Natural Disasters and Business: Present and Future Challenges for Management and Entrepreneurship. MsM. The Netherlands, 2011.
  • The 2nd International Conference on Accounting, Management and Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Hasanuddin University, 2017
  • The 3th Annual Islamic Finance Conference. Minister of Education, Association of Islamic Economics, and FEB-Unhas. Makassar, Indonesia.

Course Subjects :

  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Management
  • International Corporate Financial Management
  • Corporate Budgeting
  • Feasibility Study
  • Portfolio and Investment Management
  • Banking and Financial Institutions

Award Foundation :

  • Stuned Scholarship Programme, 2004
  • DHGE (DIKTI) Scholarship, 2011.
  • Best Paper on the 3rd Annual Islamic Research Conference

Trainee in Training and Courses :

  • TOT BUMDES, Syncore – Yogyakarta, 2017
  • Research Method Skill (RMS), The Netherlands, 2011/li>

Research Grant :

  • Stuned Scholarship Programme
  • DHGE (DIKTI) Scholarship
  • BOPTN-Unhas
  • Research Projects funded by Regional Governments