Dr. Muhammad Yunus Amar, SE., MT

EDUCATIONAL Background :

  • Fakultas Ekonomi Unhas, Management Department, Indonesia (Sarjana/Bachelor). 1986,
  • Fakultas Teknik & Manajemen Industri - ITB, Manajemen Industri. 1998, (Magister)
  • Fakultas Ilmu Ekonomi - UNPAD, Management. 2004, (Doktor).

Research Interest :

Work Experience :

Participant In Scientific Activities :

  • The influence of leadership style on employee productivity and relationship with the satisfaction of external stakeholders (Industrial Case Base Metals in Sulawesi), in 2004
  • Effect of Operational Strategy Implementation on improvement operational performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Sulawesi South, 2013
  • Training of Trainer And Training of Training Manager : Sustainable Capacity Building For decentralization Project ( SCBDP) – ADB Loan 1964- IND; Jakarta , Juni 2007
  • Basic Training on Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL): A:Organizers: Implementing Educational and Training Institutions Preparation of AMDAL - PUSLITBANG Unhas Environment, Year 2015
  • Training on Preparation of Environmental Impact Analysis Documents (AMDAL): B; Organizer: Educational Implementing Agency and Environmental AMDAL - PUSLITBANG Preparation Training Unhas, 2015

Journal :

  • The effect of the operational strategy on the company performance : an empirical study in the small and medium industries (SMES) in South Sulawesi, Indosnesia, 2014 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
  • Analysis of service quality on pilgrims satisfaction and image of Haji and Umrah travel agents in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia; 2015 International Journal of Sosial Sciences, Vol. 05 Issue 06, Aug.2015
  • Role conflict and role ambiguity in higher education, 2015.
  • Testing The Relationship Of Company Performance With External Stakeholder Satisfaction (A Study At Industrial Metal Processing Company In Indonesia)” International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research : Vol.14, Number 13,2016- ISSN: 0972-7302 (Scopus).
  • Testing the causal direction between International journal of Business Research, Vol.16, profitability and investment in health Number 4, 2016- ISSN : 1555 – 1296 (Scopus ) information technology.